Independent Artist suffering a major industry blow!

With the expiration of the Webcaster Settlement Act small webcasters facing a steep increase in royalty rates forcing large number of independent stations to go silent. The rate hikes favor the big guys and destroys the little guys. Live365 had with over 5000 stations on their platform is closing its doors on January 31, 2016. This is a major loss for independent webcasters and artists. All Live356 was a convenient platform providing one stop blanket agreement for all PROs. Stations using their servers left a tangible digital footprint that could be used to verify actual spins. Assuring fair and equal payment to all artists.

I support fair and transparent payment to artists and labels when their work is used. But we are losing our small broadcasters. Small broadcasters are more important todays digital musical culture. As commercial FM radio, Pandora and Spotify become increasingly focused on narrow repetitive playlists squeezing out independent webcasters, indie labels and artist. Commercial Radio, Major Record labels and Publishers have long since consolidated with wall street money. Relying on algorithms to socially engineer the music choice provided to the public. While surrounding themselves with financial firewalls to keep the little guys in check.

 If you love good, weird, or just different music choices support the little guys anyway you can.


We believe artists and small webcasters are on the same team. Let’s keep it that way! We’re optimistic that a solution can be found to allow many small commercial webcasters to continue to operate, and ensure that great music continues to get played and artists continue to get paid—directly, transparently and fairly.


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